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Easy Automation Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian company founded seven years ago specifically to produce a superior 21st century high end irrigation control system. The company objectives were to create an advanced comprehensive control system with superior irrigation functionality, easy to install, cost effective and easily scalable to suit residential DIY to professional growers on large commercial sites.

Located on Sydney’s north shore, Easy Automation uses consultants with specialist electronic design skills and custom design software consultants; all with many years of proven experience.

Extensive research by the company lead to the adoption of base technology used in over 36 million devices worldwide. All hardware, firmware and software design and the majority of manufacturing is performed in Australia.

With financial assistance from the Australian Federal Government, Easy Automation has produced a superior irrigation control system, enabling better water management as well as selectable zone usage e.g. lights, pumps, mains appliances etc. The system is easy to use and virtually maintenance free providing significant benefits to installers, property managers, landscapers and thrilled end users.

Easy Automation is continuing development of the control software and optional add-on devices making the system a very advanced and comprehensive automation control system giving end users many future possibilities.

The Easy Automation system is its sole product and is currently provided directly via the web www.easyautomation.com.au or selected installers.

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Easy Automation


System Overview >
A brief overview of the unmatched features Easy Automation advanced irrigation control system offers. Easily customised by the end user on ONE controller with application options suitable & scalable for the large commercial installation requiring pumps etc.or for the home gardener.

The Easy Automation System has attracted considerable interest because it is uniquely designed for the DIY residential installation up to the large commercial installation. One controller does it all and allows all users to expand their system, choose how, when, why and what they need to control.

Flyer Easy Automation Advanced irrigation control + more >
Just ONE screen based controller utilising a single powerline cable able to expand to control dozens of zones. Less digging, piping and labour. This feature rich system controls with advanced scheduling options each zone independently for lighting, sprinklers, pumps, diverters etc & mains devices.

Choosing a controller system >
A document explaining some of the features a modern landscape controller system can offer that you will need to consider when planning so thereby ensuring that the system will be applicable now and for any future control required possibilities.

PowerPoint Easy Automation Landscape Control System >
On-site or remote control of irrigation, garden lighting, pumps etc. all on one single strong 2 core cable. This cable is used to connect any number of independent zones and laid over the landscape in any direction. Easy install & easy control with advanced scheduling including local sun events.


Easy Automation Irrigation Control System
Description: The system is a screen-based controller utilizing a single 2-wire cable, scalable from domestic to commercial with totally independent zones controllable standalone and/or via WIFI and/or full multi-user web control. Advanced features include control of lighting, pumps, diverter and purge valves plus connection of many sensors and virtually unlimited advanced scheduling.

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Business Address: Sydney, NSW, Australia

PH: Int + 61 2 9489 4118

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