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With over 25 years’ experience in the Australian market, NORMA Pacific prides itself on supplying a broad and innovative product portfolio of the highest quality in the three categories of Clamping & Connecting, Fittings & Valves, and Pumps & Accessories.

Our range encompasses over 35,000 products and we are dedicated to providing the best product solutions to the Hardware Industry. For NORMA Pacific, quality is an all-embracing value. From product design to delivery and beyond, quality is embedded into all aspects of the company’s activities including its service to customers.

Supplying Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands, NORMA Pacific has distribution centres in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. Hose clamps, pipe connections, retaining products, plastic products or pumps – NORMA Pacific has the solutions for you.

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Flowers, Shrubs & Trees Kit
Description: The Flowers, Shrubs & Trees Raindrip Kit utilises drippers to deliver water straight to the base of the plants without the need for any additional tools.

Ground Cover & Flower Bed Kit
Description: These kits use adjustable sprinkler heads that use 50% less water than traditional sprinklers to water your ground cover plants and flower beds.

Vegetable Garden Kit
Description: The Vegetable Garden Raindrip Kit includes 6mm dripline for custom placement that results in better growth and higher yields while using less water than traditional methods to water your vegetable garden.

Pot & Hanging Baskets Kit
Description: The Pots & Hanging Baskets Kit is an effective and customisable system that eliminates the need for time-consuming hand watering.

Set-n-Flow Water Timer
Description: Raindrip’s Set-n-Flow Water Timer gives you the ability to water your garden automatically! With varying run and frequency times, there is a setting to suit all your watering needs. Pause your watering for up to 72 hours or add an additional watering time of 90 minutes with the turn of a dial. The timer is water tight, easy to program and attaches to any outdoor tap.

Description: The SM-CW “SUMPMATE” Series are automatic plastic submersible pumps with float switches for clearwater. Equipped with a very thin pump base, these pumps can drain the water level to 1mm. The clear water SUMPMATE range can be used for garden irrigation or for draining pooled watered from burst mains, pond water, pool water and rainwater tanks or barrels with debris under 5mm.

Description: The SM-DW “SUMPMATE” Series are your go to pumps for draining after flooding, general irrigation, liquid transfer and many other applications where the water is dirty or considered ‘grey’. Fully submersible to an impressive 7m, these pumps are capable of passing solid non-abrasive debris up to 35mm without clogging and feature complete automatic operation via the float switch.

COBRA Irrigation Clamps
Description: When it comes to irrigation management the efficient use of water is the highest priority. Designed and manufactured in Germany using 304 grade stainless steel these clamps are engineered to deliver consistent clamping ranges. Avoid seal failure, install Cobra Hose Clamps on all irrigation lines.

Valve Boxes
Description: NDS Valve Boxes will stand up to the most demanding outdoor conditions while offering years of consistent service. Available in a range of colours and sizes to fit various applications, all boxes and lids contain UV inhibitors for sustained durability and performance in direct sunlight.

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Business Address: 85 Merrindale Drive Croydon South Victoria, Australia 3136