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Iron Oxide Solutions

Specialising in borehole cleaners for (IRB) iron bacteria, iron oxide, manganese oxide, calcium carbonate and other minerals.

Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, we are experienced with dewatering and mine site well treatments and maintenance as well as horticultural applications. Products include BoreSaver Ultra C, MultiKleen, EZ ECO, IronKleen and the StainStopper system.

Brand Name


BoreSaver Ultra C >
Powerful cleaner for the rusty iron oxide residues that build up in wells, bores, pumps and pipes. When iron oxide residues build up in the well/bore, production drops and maintenance costs can spiral out of control. Approved, safe and economical.

Public Water Supply UK Iron Problems >
The Brede public water supply site near Hastings is a complex system of tunnels, wells and adits. At over 100 years of age, the facility was in desperate need of rehabilitation due to the build up of iron oxide residues. The facility comprises 3 wells with a diameter of 3m and 80m in depth.

Retail and Industrial Complex, Milan (Italy) >
The geothermal air conditioning system servicing a 150,000m2 retail/industrial complex in Milan was experiencing blockages due to severe contamination of iron related bacteria (IRB). The system, producing 6MW, comprises nine geothermal plants, three wells and 10km of pipework

Geothermal Plant, Lodi (Italy) >
The recharge well for a geothermal system was severely contaminated with iron related bacteria, causing flooding in adjacent areas and forcing the system to be switched off. The geothermal plant was used to service an air conditioning system for the District Council offices in Lodi.

Public Water Supply, Fair Isle (Scotland) >
The public water supply borehole for Fair Isle was contaminated with manganese and iron deposits which had choked the pump, screen and possibly the rock fissures. The borehole is 200mm in diameter, 73m deep and provides water for 70 inhabitants as well as to a small storage reservoir.


BoreSaver Ultra C PRO
Description: Powerful effective cleaner for iron oxide problems in your bore, well and pump. BoreSaver Ultra C PRO has multiple approvals for use in potable water systems. When iron oxide residues build up, production drops and maintenance costs can spiral out of control. BoreSaver, the safe, easy APPROVED way to clean your water supply system.

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