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A truly sustainable water technology for a sustainable irrigation future.

Adelaide manufacturer, nationally and globally supplying their unique, effective electronic water conditioning solution to solve water issues from salinity, scale and hard water to oxidised iron or gypsum removal and prevention. Successfully used by irrigators, farmers, councils, golf courses and families for over two decades with fabulous sustainable results.

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Hydrosmart Enhanced Output, Minemaster, Poolmaster, Hydrosmart Standard Unit


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Enhanced Output
Description: Used on pipes of 250 mm Hydrosmart solves difficult hard water problems using No Chemicals No Filters No Maintenance Hydrosmart physical water conditioning system is a simple, sustainable and effective approach to conditioning water. By applying it you get the advantages of using a technology which requires no chemicals, no filters and no maintenance.

Enhanced Output Unit
Description: Hydrosmart EO D 80 LOOP utilizes a series of computer generated resonance frequencies to disrupt bonding between minerals and charged compounds. This neutralizes mineral precipitation, decreases deposition of scale and oxides, and also opposes corrosion.The loop creates over 3 meters of contact with frequencies and pulses to produce salinity, scale, hard water breakthroughs.

Enhanced Output
Description: Used on Iron removal and prevention from golf course irrigation systems without chemicals or consumables, just $ 10 of power annually. Better turf growth once iron is treated as it becomes more available and water is better able to transmit in via root xylem for improved grass vigour and colour without need for dangerous or expensive consumables to clean out oxidised build up.

D 40
Description: This unit is a smaller 1.25 meters of its loop shape with less power output at the coils for lower levels of salts and elements in water sources. Designed for those needing a simple compact long term sustainable irrigation water treatment system for moderately bad water supplies with minerals and compounds found in their water source from salt, calcium hardness, iron& magnesium

Enhanced Output
Description: Used on hard home water supplies to produce chemically free softer water that will remove and prevent scale from forming, provide softer water for showering, washing clothes, prevents corrosion and improves the homes garden growth all without any filters or maintenance. Units still working 2 decades after being fitted into houses, homesteads and farms around Australia

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