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Telemetry Over Internet Protocols

TOIP Specialises in sensors and telemetry for remote environmental monitoring, with a focus on the Agriculture sector. Our sensor range includes soil moisture, soil temperature, rainfall, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, water level etc. For remote data collection we offer telemetry devices using both mobile phone (3G 4G) and "Narrow band" communications (LoraWAN, LTE-M)

Brand Name
Tekbox, YDOC (Your Data Our Care), Rika Sensors, Pronamic, Psitec


Description: The TBSL1 is an SDI-12 to LoraWAN Bridge. It connects to any SDI-12 sensor and send the readings via a private or public LoraWAN network to a server from where it can be displayed and analysed. The TBSL1 is completely programmable with users able to select all of the LoraWAN and SDI-12 parameters and set both the logging rate and transfer rate.

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Business Address: 58 George St MOONTA, SA, AUSTRALIA 5558