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The Intelligent Use of Water

At Rain Bird, we believe it is our responsibility to develop products and technologies that use water efficiently.Rain Bird is helping sustain healthier landscapes through innovative product development of rotors, sprays, valves, controllers and Drip. This has been Rain Bird’s single focused passion and expertise for over 80 years.
The NEW LNK Wi-Fi Module allows you to easily access and control your Rain Bird irrigation system remotely from anywhere in the world. You simply need to plug the LNK Wi-Fi module into the accessory port of an RZXe controller (4-8 station) or an ESP-Me Wi-Fi ready controller (Modular up to 22 stations). Then use the Rain Bird APP to remotely access the controllers.
You can receive critical real-time alerts about your system. Weather data from the internet automatically adjusts system run times daily. Rain Bird's suite of Wi-Fi products have received the independent Smart Approved Watermark accreditation.
Get reliable automatic irrigation control, even when you don't have AC power, with the NEW WPX series battery-operated controller. The WPX operates reliably for more than two years using two 9V batteries. With a waterproof case and a dual-sealed battery compartment, life in a wet and dirty valve box is not a problem.
The WPX is easier to program with a large and easy-to-read LCD screen. The screen shows all the programming for each zone at the same time.
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ESP-RZXe WiFi Enabled Controller
Description: The Rain Bird ESP-RZXe WiFi enabled controller comes in 4, 6 and 8 station models. To upgrade the RZXe, simply insert the LNK WiFi Module into the accessory port and open the Rain Bird APP. You can then access and control your Rain Bird Irrigation System with your smartphone or tablet and receive critical real-time information about your system.

ESP-Me WiFi Enabled Controller
Description: The ESP-Me WiFi Enabled Controller is a modular controller that can be expanded from 4 to 22 stations. To upgrade the ESP-Me WiFi ready controller, simply insert the LNK WiFi Module into the accessory port and open the Rain Bird APP. Upgrade previous versions of ESP-Me controllers in the field by replacing the existing panel with a WiFi ready face panel and add the LNK Module.

WPX Battery Operated Controller
Description: The WPX Battery Operated Controller has a large, easy to read LCD screen which shows all of the programming for each zone at the same time. It has a waterproof case and dual-sealed battery compartment and can operate for more than 2 years with two 9V batteries. Get the quality and reliability that you demand from a battery operated controller with the Rain Bird WPX.

LNK WiFi Module
Description: The LNK WiFi Module upgrades WiFi ready ESP-RZXe and ESP-Me controllers to make them fully accessible and programmable from smartphone and tablet devices. It operates like a wireless remote control for your irrigation system while onsite or an internet-based monitoring and control system when offsite. You can monitor and control your irrigation system from anywhere in the world

R-VAN Rotary Variable Arc Nozzles
Description: The Rain Bird range of Rotary Variable Arc Nozzles has been expanded to a full range of nozzles, including corner and side strip nozzles. These are fully hand adjustable and don't require a separate tool. The flush feature eliminates clogging and the thick streams perform extremely well in windy applications. They are also matched precipitation rate.

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