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The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) plays a key role in driving economic growth through research and innovation to improve resilience, productivity and sustainability.

By 2020, DPI programs and projects aim to deliver a total Primary Industries output of $20 billion and increase our stakeholder satisfaction.

Drawing on the expertise of more than 600 scientific staff and over 13,000 hectares of trial farms around NSW, the DPI is ranked in the top 1% of research organisations globally in the fields of agricultural and plant and animal science when considering research outputs. The DPI has more than 500 active research and development projects underway with a total value of $500 million.

DPI's work to improve sustainability in primary production includes the implementation of the $111 million ‘Sustaining the Basin Irrigated Farm Modernisation’ program, funded by the Australian Government.

The program provides opportunities for farmers to pursue modern on-farm improvements, while also returning much-needed water to the Murray-Darling Basin.

DPI is also working in partnership with the Cotton RDC and industry to measure the current level of water productivity and establish irrigation benchmarks for the future.

This research has identified the significant improvements in water productivity already made and will assist the industry to remain strong into the future, where water supply is likely to be more variable and scarce.

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