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KSB Australia is a leading supplier of pumps, valves and systems. The local division of an international industry leader for pump manufacturing, KSB is the brand with the greatest technical expertise in pumps, worldwide.

The company offers excellent service, maintenance and repairs for pumps, and the supply and installation of spare parts.

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Submersible pump
Description: The ability to use the KRT pumps in both wet and dry installations gives the product great flexibility to be used in different applications. When configured as a submersible pump, the KRT can easily transition to a dry operation without interruption when water levels drop. This ability to run continuously as water levels change reduces wear caused by frequent stops and start.

Centrifugal pump
Description: Etanorm is the world's best-selling standardised water pump. But that hasn't stopped KSB making improvements: optimised hydraulic systems save up to 7,000 kW/h of energy a year – which means cost savings of several thousand euros per pump and markedly reduced CO2 emissions.

Borehole pump
Description: KSB’s B-Pumps are designed to extract water from deep wells or boreholes. These products, which are also known as Deep Well Turbine or DWT pumps, have their intake and impellers located at the lower end of a long vertical tube and discharge nozzle positioned at the top. The motor is mounted on a pedestal that sits above the tube where it is dry and readily accessible.

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Business Address: 13 Hawkins Crescent Bundamba Queensland, Australia 4304