Aqualab Scientific is a leading supplier of environmental monitoring instruments. Founded in 1992 and a wholly owned Australian company located in Sydney and Adelaide. Offering quality products such as ADCON, LUFFT, OTT, and DIVER for water level, discharge, flow, precipitation, soil moisture and wireless telemetry solutions. Brands that you have known and trusted for decades.

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Automatic Weather Stations >
Adcon manufactures a wide range of automatic weather stations, ranging from small compact stations, designed for monitoring in the crop canopy, right through to units built around 10m masts for odour modeling applications.

Soil Moisture Monitoring >
Soil moisture monitoring is an essential component in the drive to increase irrigation efficiency. High uniformity on its own is not enough. Soil moisture sensors give you the information you need to match soil moisture levels to those required for healthy plant growth, giving you maximum control ov

ADCON Telemetry >
Adcon manufactures telemetry systems which can collect data via UHF radio or over the mobile phone network. Systems can use either method on their own, or a combination of the two. The data from the systems may be viewed on the customer’s own software or Aqualab's data hosting services.

Data Hosting >
Aqualab’s Data Hosting Services gives you full remote, Internet based access to your environmental monitoring data. You get all the features and flexibility of addVANTAGE Pro, without the need to install and maintain the software. Our server is always updated to the latest build.

Irrigation Control >
Adcon’s Irrigation Control System brings control and monitoring together into the one reliable,easy to use platform.


Description: The A755 GPRS SDI provides users with a cost effective means of logging multiparameter sensors which make use of the SDI-12 protocol. The A755 can record up to 40 SDI-12 sensor values and is also fitted with a single pulse input for connection to rain gauges or flow meters. The A755 is housed in a robust aluminium case. Sensor and power connections are made using waterproof Bin

Description: The A723 addIT Series 4 is a versatile, short range RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit), designed for remote environmental monitoring. Its extremely low power consumption allows for permanent solar powered operation. The A723 has 6 analogue, 2 pulse and 2 digital inputs and supports up to 40 SDI-12 values. Logging and transmission intervals are customizable over a wide range.

Wind Speed and Direction
Description: The new Adcon Wind Sensor Set Vento is tailor made for all applications that require an extremely robust, low-maintenance, yet very accurate set of sensors, fully made of seawater resistant aluminum. Both sensors have very low onset speeds and maintain their accuracy across the full measurement range of up to 200km/h.

Rain Guage
Description: Adcon’s RG1 rain gauge is an extremely robust and accurate device that is suitable for many applications, from agriculture to hydrographics to general meteorology. The RG1 is available with a resolution of 0,1mm and 0,2mm and orifices of 200cm² and 400cm², making it compliant with all WMO guidelines. The sensor employs a double tipping bucket assembly measurement unit.

Air Temp and Relative Humidity
Description: TR2 with its SDI-12 interface and ultra-accurate temperature sensor with extended temperature range was built for extremely demanding applications, from research and professional meteorology to industry. The fully sealed sensor body contains a pt1000 sensor, a capacitance humidity element and a signal amplifier. Calibration data is stored inside the sensors electronics.

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