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" we are not just another cable company"

Power Flex Cables is a leading Australian company.
A well respected supplier in the electrical cable industry and preferred supplier to major water groups and independents. Over 65 years experience, backing from European based cabling manufacturing partners, high stock levels, fast special manufacturing/ delivery times Low, Medium and High Voltage.

Brand Name
Top Cable, Power Flex Cables, KeyStone Cables


Submersible Cable >
Submersible cable also suitable for direct burial, uv resistant. Preferred cable used by major water groups and independents.

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Description: These cables are designed for flexible use, involving medium mechanical stresses, with free movement in dry, moist and wet rooms, as measuring and control cables, in tool machines, conveyor belts and production lines in machinery and production, in air conditioning and steel production. Featuring UV resistant black outer sheath, white cores black numbers

RVK Submersible Cable
Description: The highly flexibility of this cable makes installation process substantially easier and as a result is particularly suitable for use in difficult layouts. This low voltage cable can be buried, installed in conduit, in open air - without requiring additional protection, can withstand damp conditions, including total immersion in water. Preferred cable for major water groups

H07-RNF Rubber Cable
Description: h07 cables are designed to supply power to low voltage appliances, including electric motors and submersible pumps in deep water installations, as well as many other types of electrical equipment, suitable for harsh environments.

Description: Our industrial grade enclosures come with a minimum protection rating of ip66 (dust, light, powerful water jet protection).. Also include plastics such as ABS, Polycarbonate, Polyester, fibreglass, aluminium and die-cast aluminium. We can modify and custom build enclosures to your specifications.

Mini Connectors
Description: Landscaping, irrigation, lighting, pumping, signage applications, can withstand freezing temp, direct sunlight, heavy rain or even submersion in water, seawater or buried underground. is reusable, doesn't require gel and accommodates a wide range of cable sizes. IP68 rating.

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Business Address: 14/87 Webster Rd STAFFORD Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4053

PH: 07 38566182

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