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Observant, a Jain Irrigation company dedicated to the design and delivery of world-class solutions to help farmers sustainably improve yields. Combining simple, reliable field hardware with easy to use online applications we deliver yield improvements, water savings and operational efficiency to growers of all sizes.

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JAIN, Observant, senix


One Farm One Solution >
Observant's One Farm One Solution brochure combines all of our solutions to provide customers with a remote farm management solution from anywhere at anytime.

Observant: Water Level Monitoring >
Knowing your farm’s water levels is crucial to ensuring you reduce risks and efficiently manage your water supplies. Observant can help you monitor these levels and set alerts via your smartphone, tablet and/or computer*.

Observant: Image Capture >
Keep an eye on your farm using an Observant Camera Kit. Get a visual on your farm's stock, troughs, fences and/or water points and use your mobile device to take a snapshot*.

Soil Moisture Monitoring >
Maximise plant growth and improve farm efficiency by monitoring the soil moisture levels of your farm, with Observant Global Software*.

Irrigation Scheduling >
By enabling you to monitor and control your irrigation schedule off-site, Observant ensures you reduce risks, save water, maximise yield quality and allows you to analyse soil data for better crop performance*.


Solo Water Monitoring Kit
Description: The Observant DIY Tank Monitoring Kit provides you a complete water level monitoring solution. This innovative product provides you all the hardware required to monitor water levels, as well as access to Observant Global™, our ground breaking software application which allows you to remotely access water levels from any Internet enabled device.

Solo Camera Kit
Description: The Observant Camera Kit lets you check what’s happening at fixed points on your farm — from tank and trough water systems, to livestock at feeders, to open channel water levels. Access images through Observant Global™, our web-based monitoring platform, which supports a wide range of complementary on-farm monitoring and control solutions.

Observant C3 Kits
Description: The Observant C3 is a telemetry platform that allows expansion from 1 to 7 sensors. It supports Observant’s full range of sensors, connects through Telstra’s mobile network and is available in a range of kit solutions for easy installation. Choose the C3 if you require multiple sensors now or into the future.

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