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Description: The SCADAPack™ 570/575 rPACs are the first models able to share programs with Schneider Electric Modicon™ M340 and M580 PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers). The SCADAPack 570/575 rPACs are managed with RemoteConnect™ software, a new tool built with Schneider Electric shared technologies (industry standard FDT2/DTM, Modicon Unity Pro™ logic engine). SCADAPack

Trio Digital Radios
Description: Trio Q Data Radios are advanced, high-speed licensed digital data radios, providing both Ethernet and serial communications for complex and demanding applications in Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint (Multiple Address Radio) Telemetry and remote SCADA systems. Features such as ChannelShare+™ and web-based user configuration, together with powerful remote diagnostics and Ne

Description: ClearSCADA is an open, flexible and scalable software solution for telemetry and remote SCADA applications, designed to transform field data into business relevant information and optimize the operation and management of remote assets across critical infrastructures. Utilizing alarming and graphical interface functions ClearSCADA delivers real-time data intelligence, transformi

Altivar Process
Description: The world’s reliance on water is continuously growing, with consumption increasing and resource availability decreasing. Therefore, most stakeholders demand a sustainable and energy-efficient solution. Schneider Electric helps the Water & Wastewater (WWW) segment treat and deliver safer water 24/7, while lower operating costs and using less energy. Altivar Process is a services

Magelis HMI
Description: Schneider Electric can help you meet the challenges of the trends impacting our world. With a long history of innovation in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and Industrial PCs (iPC), we offer the right choices for a wide range of applications. Our global footprint gives you local support and worldwide availability. The Magelis family of HMI offers a wide range of solutions.