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Australian owned and still manufacturing in Australia, we have been proudly supporting the irrigation industry for over 35 years. Aquamonix takes pride in providing innovative products, services and solutions to assist businesses and communities with water supply and management.

We specialise in monitoring critical water resources, manage environmental compliance and master their remote infrastructure. Combining our hardware and inhouse expertise, we integrate products and services to deliver a customised end to end solution made perfect for you.

Our Australian made product range consists of electromagnetic flowmeters, water quality sensors, remote telemetry and advanced irrigation control systems

Brand Name
Emflux MagFlow Meters, Greenspan Water Quality Sensors, RainMAN SCADA Central Control System, RainWAN Wireless Node, Gatekeeper Metering & Control System, Aquagate Telemetry, Tonick Watering - Two Wire Decoder Technology, Pivot MAX - Pivot & Linear Move Control system, Hybrid Solar Irrigation Control System, Hydrometrics nitrate sensor, King Innovation


Irrigation Technology Price Book >
Just a small selection of some of our innovative products.

The Emflux Flow Meter Family >
A collection of our finest Emflux flow meters.


Description: Emflux remains the cornerstone brand for long lasting, high quality electromagnetic flowmeters and transmitters. Aquamonix has an installed base with more than 20,000 operating flowmeters nationwide. Emflux provides flowmeter transmitters suited to water and waste treatment plants, mining and general industry, and remote installations.

Description: The Greenspan range of Water Quality Sensors provide long term accurate monitoring of water quality conditions at remote sites. Sensors are suitable for Surface or Groundwater Applications and can be configured with a variety of outputs.

Description: It’s easy to see why an Aquamonix control solution is the preferred choice for certified irrigation designers, landscape architects, irrigation system installers, turf care professionals, city parks managers, farmers and market gardeners for more than 20 years, our RainMAN SCADA based central control systems have been designed specifically for municipal applications.

Description: RainWAN technology from Aquamonix is a significant innovation in wireless control and monitoring. It is suitable for a wide range of irrigation applications and uses bidirectional LoRa communications coupled with world class RainMan control technology to create a wide area network around your property, shire or irrigation district. This then allows for the seamless connection

Description: Aquamonix’s Hybrid Controller is a versatile irrigation controller that allows for multiple output methods, being able to support AC or DC Multi-wire, AC Two Wire and RainWAN wireless network, combinations of these methods can be supported on one controller.

Description: The Aquamonix GateKeeper Control system is a rugged channel and pipeline management controller, suitable for industrial irrigation schemes in the harshest environments, designed with direct consultation from our existing customers the GateKeeper Control system is created to meet real installation requirement.

Tonick Watering
Description: Tonick Watering is a global innovator and manufacturer of decoder technology for two wire irrigation systems and is used worldwide by major brands..

Hyrdometrics Nitrate Sensor
Description: The HydroMetrics Nitrate sensor is a fit for purpose Nitrate Sensor at a low price point that enables feasible deployment across multiple sites at the catchment or farm scale.

Description: The Emflux AquaGate is a innovative cellular based RTU that is designed specifically for remote monitoring and "over the air verification" of flow meters and can also be used as are remote telemetry unit for a range of sensors.

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PH: 1300 797 246

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